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Where in the world is Kate Freelander?

*points at title*

No. Really. I'm serious.

Where. Is. Kate.

I haven't been able to find any new (not Kate-robs-a-bank or Kate-wears-a-catsuit spoilers) spoilers for Kate (and I've been digging through every corner of the internet, so it's not like I haven't been trying). Every character but her (and even some of the new characters) seems to be getting spoilers and arcs and info (in addition to what they would normally get), and by spoilers and arcs and info I mean this - the others are getting enemies, meeting love interests, having adventures and learning about themselves and having back stories and there are whole new storylines surrounding them, and according to the pretty much all of the new spoilers I've found . . . . Kate is getting a kiss in episode 4? There is so much more to the character than who her potential love interest is* (who, by the way, I am kind of hoping is just a random fly by new character, because then any romance would be focused more on her, whereas if her potential interest is one of the mains or recurring? It's going to be about the other character, and they have all already had love interests (sometimes more than one). On the foodchain pile of storylines, she apparently ranks only above the Big Guy. :( ) I want more for the character than her being turned into someone's love interest or girlfriend, or just standing in the background while everyone else gets to explore and do things. I want spoilers that are not Kate/someone else, or whether or not Kate is going to kiss someone, or about how Kate might get a love interest, or how Kate will go on a journey with everyone else (and probably have maybe ten lines in the whole episode, and get to do almost nothing) but spoilers that are about Kate. I want to know what her ambitions, and goals, and actions will be in season 3, and how she's going to react to things, and what she is going to do (because at this point, it doesn't sound like she's going to do much). Kate Freelander. Just Kate Freelander. The con artist who came in at the beginning of season 2, PAWNED everyone, was (is) competent and oh-so-very smart, and stole your everyone's hearts (admit it, she's awesome).

But it doesn't sound like she's going to be considered very important at all in season 3.

I really hope I'm wrong.

* And no, it's not that I'm opposed to the idea of Kate at some point getting a love interest. I'm not; Kate having a love interest could be really interesting and full of character development. But at the moment, it just feels too . . . soon, like we're still getting to know her in some ways, and I'm worried that they'll completely ignore the character herself and instead focus on her relationship.

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