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Hi, dear Yuletide writer! Thank you so much for writing me something, and I am really looking forward to reading whatever you come up with.

1 - Kiki Strike
Iris McLeod, Oona Wong, Luz Lopez, Betty Bent
Fic focused on Iris & Oona's friendship would be awesome. A deeper look at Betty or Luz would also be shiny. (Anything for this fandom would be extremely squeed over though.)

2 - Undercovers
Samantha Bloom, Steven Bloom, Lizzy Gilliam, Leo Nash
I love Samantha & Steven's relationship (ADORABLE SPY MARRIED OTP OF MY HEART) so anything about that would be great, as would a story about Samantha & Lizzy's friendship, Leo & Lizzy being adorable and getting into shenanigans (gen or ship), or one focused on Samantha being a badass.

3 - American Dreams
Sam Walker, Meg Pryor
A story set after the series ended with Sam & Meg becoming/being a couple is something I'd love to see if you choose to write for this fandom, but anything focusing on their friendship (or more) would be lovely.

4 - Sanctuary
Ashley Magnus, Kate Freelander, Will Zimmerman, Clara Griffin, Henry Foss
A Clara story (if you'd like to include ship, I'd prefer Clara/Will or Clara/Meg) about her during the gap between Revelations and EON would be really nice. I love Kate & Will's relationship (as friends, colleagues, or shippy) in the regular timeline or PN timeline (I'd totally love baby fic for this pair, btw). Anything featuring them supporting each other, on a mission/in the field, future fic, or her rescuing him would be awesomesauce. Ashley & Henry's friendship was one of my favorite things about season 1; it's really fun and I like it either as a ship or gen. I love almost all the interactions between the 'kids', but Kate & Henry's is my least favorite (gen PN fic with them would be interesting though).

I love happy!fic, baby fic that is not overly dramatic, apoca fic *, and female character focused fic. I'm cool with gen, het, femslash, slash, and threesomes/moresomes. I don't want a story involving incest, dub/non-con, or character death (* in the case of apoca fic, minor characters in the story dying would be fine, but I'd prefer if the characters the story is focused on survived). AUs, 5 times, and fusions are shiny, shiny things.

Thanks again for writing me a story, and I hope you have as much fun writing it as I'm sure I'll have reading it! :D

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