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Dunking biscuits you can't eat into tea you can't drink is the logical next step?

Caps have been crossposted on my Tumblr.

I really liked the finale. It felt like the show tied up everything quite nicely. And this is why I should post episode reactions sooner, because now I'm not quite sure what to say. YAY, NINA'S STILL ALIVE. ♥

Watching season 2 for the first time, which is interesting. It's nice to finally see the episodes in betweeen that I'd missed. Anyone know if there's a list of the songs they play on the show? I love their soundtrack.

IDK what to talk about on my LJ anymore. Hence, how boring this post is.

I made some Being Human icons + wallpapers for scifiland which are here.

I'm going to be sending my computer out to be fixed, so IDK how much I'll be online the next couple of weeks.
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