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Day 9 - Teyla Emmagan

Day 9: Teyla Emmagan; Stargate Atlantis; Promo picture credit to Stargate MGM.

TEYLA! ♥ She's been one of my favorite female characters of all time for the past 4 years - she's smart, fierce, patient, strong, wise, a great leader, and she can take care of herself in a fight (whether it be hand to hand or a gunfight)!

[ Multi-Fandom ] author rec: tielan has several excellent Teyla-centric gen and ship fics, and her characterization of Teyla is pitch-perfect. (Note of interest to Merlin fans - tielan also writes Gwen! ♥)

[ Stargate Atlantis ] art recs: Teyla in action & Teyla, art nouveau style by ileliberte. Gorgeous Teyla art (the colors in the second are stunning).

[ Stargate Atlantis ] vid rec: 32 by darlulu. Beautiful Teyla vid set to Regina Spektor's 32.

[ Stargate Atlantis ] fanart/icons rec: Adorable set of chibi fanart icons by pentapus. Teyla + multi-shipping FTW!

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I Want To Hold Your Hand

Fandom: Sanctuary
Subject: Kate/Will
Title: I Want To Hold Your Hand ( A Kate Freelander/Will Zimmerman EP )
Note: Please comment if snatching; click on the number beside the song title for the download links, and click on the covers to download the art.
Note to beth_soprano: So. Today is not the anniversary of your birth. *coughs awkwardly* That being said, I hope you had an amazing birthday, and that you enjoy this gift!

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